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Tangle Bowl

Tangle Bowl

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The Tangle sustainable dog bowl is built for all dogs and breeds, holding 967ml (535 ounces) of enjoyment. It’s perfect for kibble, water, and prime cuts.

With a non-slip ring and weighted base it won’t budge, no matter how enthusiastically they eat or drink. Made from recycled material it is puncture resistant and tough enough to handle any dents and dings.

Designed in Britain and made in France, each bowl features a unique marble effect design. The Tangle logo takes pride of place on the front with our turtle design on the inside to remind you and your furry friend that you’ve done good and are helping stop ghost nets.

Dishwasher safe, because you already clean up after them enough! By purchasing, you’re actively supporting the recycling of old nets and removing them from harm's way. Join us on the Tangle mission to save marine life through sustainable dog products.

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