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Rio Healthy Seeds Natural Treats for All Birds 240g

Rio Healthy Seeds Natural Treats for All Birds 240g

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The RIO Healthy seeds mix includes a variety of garden seeds, vegetables and field crops that greatly enrich the bird's daily diet and maintain well-being. Seeds of basil, carrots, corn salad and lettuce stimulate appetite and augment digestion. Fennel seeds and wild rocket, according to ornithologists, have a pronounced restorative effect due to the essential oils they offer. The treat is a source of natural vitamins A, C and K, macro- and microelements, like calcium, iron and magnesium.The seed mix also supports the pet birds during stressful periods like moulting, nesting and recovery after illness.

Ingredients: garden and meadow crops seeds mix (clover, basil, spinach, parsley, carrot, corn salad, wild rocket, fennel, lettuce), white millet, canary seed.

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