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Rio Feed for Wild Birds

Rio Feed for Wild Birds

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RIO Daily Feed for Wild Birds is a nutritionally balanced diet designed to support domesticated and wild birds. It contains essential substances that meet the birds' dietary needs, promoting their health both in the wild and at home. This feed can be used in outdoor feeders to contribute to wildlife conservation and preserve biodiversity. RIO's feeding approach focuses on providing birds with biologically appropriate food that replicates their natural diet. Each pack of nutrient-dense RIO Daily feed for canaries includes carefully selected ingredients, taking into account the size of the seeds in relation to the bird's body and beak size. It consists of 63% canary seed, which is the everyday feed for canaries in their natural habitat. Additionally, it contains linseed, a source of fatty acids like Omega 3 & 6, which promotes healthy skin and a vibrant plumage. The inclusion of algae helps protect the immune system, provides strength, and maintains overall bird health. The feed also contains calcium in its most absorbable form to support the beak and bones. All ingredients used are 100% natural and sourced from trusted suppliers.



Canary seed

Rape seed

Milk thistle seed

Japanese millet

yellow millet

red millet

black millet

peeled oat

Niger seed


healthy seeds



calcium gluconate

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