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Rio Feed for Budgies Daily

Rio Feed for Budgies Daily

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RIO delicious daily feed for budgies is designed to nourish your feathered friend in the way nature intended. The composition of this feed is carefully selected and balanced to protect bird's health and well-being. RIO represents a special feeding approach, providing budgies with a diet rich and diverse in seeds and grains, as well as access to conditions as good as, or better than, their natural environment.

RIO feeds are created based on the best from nature, with years of experience and collaborations with breeders from around the world. Each pack of nutrient-dense RIO Daily feed for budgies contains a balanced and varied composition of 12 ingredients, providing birds with a rich and diverse diet. With 12% protein and 6% healthy fats, this feed meets all the nutritional needs of budgies. The inclusion of 4% black millet provides additional energy and vitality, while 2% Niger seeds serve as an excellent source of proteins and fats, giving the birds extra life forces to be as vibrant as they should be. Linseeds are included as a source of Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and bright, shiny feathers. Algae is added to help protect the immune system, and calcium in the form of granules is included for a strong beak and bones. Rest assured, our RIO Daily feed for budgies is made with 100% natural ingredients from trusted suppliers


Yellow millet, red millet, black millet, canary seed, peeled oats, linseed, Niger seed, oat, hempseed, wheat, algae, calcium gluconate.

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