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Pooch + Mutt Dental Stick (Spirulina + Mint)

Pooch + Mutt Dental Stick (Spirulina + Mint)

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Keep your pooch's teeth clean and overall health in shape with a daily Superfood greens stick. A convenient way to clean your dog's teeth daily, whilst boosting their diet with a superfood complex to provide additional support and help maintain optimal health.

Pooch an Mutt vet-approved Superfood dental sticks will power your pooch with tasty Chicken for the most scrumptious treat, Spirulina - a natural superfood with powerful antioxidant properties, and SHMP (sodium hexametaphosphate) to help prevent the build up of tartar.


Composition: Dehydrated chicken liver, whole-wheat flour, oat flour, whole-wheat starch, glycerol of vegetable origin, lignocellulose, dried spirulina (1%), dried mint (1%), sodium hexametaphosphate (0.3%).


Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin C (3a312) 100 mg.


Analytical constituents: crude protein 9%, crude fibre 2.3%, crude ash 2.5%, crude fat 1%, moisture 17%. With EU preservatives: citric acid, DL-malic acid.


2,980 kcal/kg


Pack size 251g

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