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Eden Air Dried Salmon & Game (100g)

Eden Air Dried Salmon & Game (100g)

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Eden Salmon & Game treats are suitable for both cats and dogs, boasting a 70% meat content including, the use of novel game proteins, buffalo, bison and wild boar. Not only do these meats allow for a luxurious and exotic taste but also provide excellent nutritional value, and are a great choice for pets with sensitive stomachs.

Our treats have been gently air-dried to retain all of their natural nutrients and flavour. The treats are put on a bespoke drying system which slowly and carefully starts to remove the moisture from the raw ingredients, producing a compact succulent treat that is extremely pliable, allowing them to broken into smaller pieces for smaller mouths.

All Eden treats benefit from the Eden Health Pack. The Eden Health Pack aids in supporting digestive health, with its added prebiotics and fibre. To aid dental health, we use parsley, which freshens breath as well as minerals to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Our Eden Health Pack also supports joint health, with added glucosamine aiding in maintaining strength, flexibility and elasticity.


Feed 3-4 pieces a day as part of a balanced diet.


Made in Britain with British ingredients.

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