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Anco Oceans Baltic Herring Buttons with Blueberry

Anco Oceans Baltic Herring Buttons with Blueberry

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Nutritious Hypoallergenic Fish Treats for Dogs. Baltic Herring, with Blueberry, contains Omega 3, Vitamins C and D, Calcium, Selenium, Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium and Folate, which help to:

Improve cognitive function

Improve Calcium Absorption

Reduce inflammation and prevent disease

Promote eye health and keep bones and teeth strong

Improve muscle health

Support the immune system

Suitable for dogs and puppies over 3 months old.

100 % Natural


Contains Omega 3

Made from 95% Baltic Herring and 5% Blueberry

100 % Natural, No Wheat,  Additives, Gluten, Soya, Dairy, Artificial Preservatives and Colourings

Typical analysis: Protein 80%, Fat 3%, Ash 10%

Supervise your dog when feeding.  Make sure fresh water is always available. Enjoy.

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